Wednesday, February 06, 2008

What's New and Lent

I got my hair cut today. You can always tell it's going to be bad the more mouse and junk they add. You know it's really bad when they do a comb over. I got the comb over. She got to fix it. This is the "fixed" cut. At one point the left side was 2 inches longer than the right and she let me leave the shop like that. I went back and all is better (or as good as it can be).

On a knitting note: I've given up buying sock yarn for Lent. I'm also going to try to knit/finish a pair of socks a week during Lent. During the month of February, I will try to complete all the half finished pairs that are lurking around my room (see how that counts? I'm being quasi smart today). On a less smart note: I signed up for sock Madness again. How that happened, I will never know.


Donna said...

I think the new cut looks good! I know what you mean though. Right now, I am "growing out" my bangs for a "new style". This "new style" includes bangs that are short on one side, long on the other. I feel like I look like a dope (or a sheepdog, but only on the right side of my face). Glad she fixed it for you - looks cute!

Chris said...

I've recently dyed my hair a new colour (purple!) and it's a lot darker than usual (though more flattering than I'd thought). It's totally drawn into focus the fact that one side of my fringe (bangs?) is an inch longer than the other side...okay it's a couple of months since the cut and it needs doing again but it's taken me 'till now??
Good luck with sock madness, fingers crossed I might be joining in this time!

Beth said...

Your new hair cut is great! I've had my fair share of bad cuts. Good for you for going back and making them fix it.

I wish we had a zoo nearby. My boys only get to go to a zoo when they visit my Mom in Florida. My 8 year old son has never been to one.

I don't know how I've missed your blog updates. You don't show up on my friend's blog list on Ravelry and I've been using that as my reader.