Thursday, February 21, 2008

I'm Posting!

You know it's bad when you go to the list of blogs/knitalongs that you are a member of and your own is at the bottom because it is the least updated. I guess the number of secret projects I've been doing makes for a lack of real blogging, but I get to finally show you two!

I finished both of these in February and had started them earlier, so they count towards my goal of finishing projects in February.
First, the Evangeline Mitts. These were made out of Dream in Color Classy in Lunar Dazzle. I followed the short version of the pattern found here. They were an easy and quick knit that I could handle while watching a movie with 30 6th graders.

The second is the Koolhaus Hat from the Holiday issue of Interweave Knits 2007. You can also purchase a downloadable version of the pattern here. This one is not so good with the sixth graders, although I did get to try out cabeling without a cable needle. I loved both these patterns, although I would make the mitts 3 repeats longer next time. I'm planning on posting tomorrow so that I can show you all the goodies I got in my Loopy Swap package.


Beth said...

Love your Koolhaus! It is on my MUST KNIT list for this year. Yours is beautiful.

Anonymous said...

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