Wednesday, March 14, 2007


I think I've recovered enough to "speak" about sock madness. Sock Madness began around 7am central time. The patterns were emailed and the race began. People immediately began posting questions and progress on Flickr. This caused me to feel as if I were being left behind (totally not the case) and obsess about the whole thing until I finished my first sock around 3pm. At this point I began to loathe these socks. I hated just about everything about them from the colors, to the jogging, to the short row heel (don't get me started on that heel). I took a break to babysit Godson and Thing One. It was around 9pm when I started sock #2. By this time, thoughts of burning the socks came to mind (after I posted finished pictures of them on Flickr, of course). I spent almost the whole night knitting (the time change did not help matters either). I had been checking Flickr and seeing the first people posting finished pairs f socks sent me into panic mode. I felt that if I slept, I would be eliminated (also totally not the case). Overall, I think I was the 3rd person to finish in my division (which at this point, is not officially full yet). I immediately swallowed a bottle of some Advil and passed out took a nap. I had a knitting hangover for all of Sunday and most of Monday (thank goodness for Spring Break). I do not hate the socks any longer and really can't wait to start the next round. I promise I will not go off the knitting deep end freak out over this any more.
Specifics on the socks:
Pattern: Mad Cow from Sock Madness Round One
Yarn: Firefly and Gold Hill by Lornas Laces gotten at The Loopy Ewe
Needles: Size One Knitpicks Circulars
Method: Top-down
Alterations to Pattern: None, I did go with 5 strips on the leg, just to be on the safe side.
Person Receiving the Socks: Mom


Lyn said...

Hi Laura,

It looks as though you're my partner/opponent in the next round of the Sock Madness. I don't have a blog, and I couldn't find your email, so thought I'd contact you this way.

Seeing as I'm halfway around the world (in Australia), I don't get the emails until a bit later than the US guys, so I don't think you'll have much competition from me! I'll certainly work my little fingers to their bones, but I do know that life gets in the way sometimes.

I look forward to seeing your next socks, and when you move on to the next round, which you're bound to do, I'll wish you every luck.

Lyn (Fitzie)

Laura said...

I'm totally going to be working overtime this week (my assistant is going to be gone of the next 8 weeks and I just got in a shipment of 200 books to process). I look forward to "racing" you. Good Luck!

Lyn said...

Well it looks like being a slow race between us! The pattern arrives here on Friday morning, which is when I'm going away for the weekend!

Slooooooow knitting all round!