Sunday, March 25, 2007

Crazy Busy

I've been crazy busy with Becky visiting, new Godbaby, Birthdays, and Sock Madness. Here's a picture from the last round of Sock Madness. The yarn is Fat Sock in Abyss from Hello Yarn. I like the pattern a lot, but I would go up to size three needles the next time. On this round of sock madness, I chilled more and stressed less. I even went places and had time off for a mouse disaster. I'm moving on to the top 32, but with my birthday this weekend, I'm thinking that I'm not going to be real strong on this next round. EB and Andersen have been complaining that I'm being anti-social, but its really not that much knitting and more socializing with other people (mostly small children). The fact that I no longer have an assistant also cuts into what I can get done during school hours, and what I have to take home (I have a stack of around 60 young adult and kids books to read). I'll be glad when summer is here, when I can laze about and knit lots of socks. Only 10 more weeks of school!


Lyn said...

Wow, Laura,

I've just arrived home from my long weekend away and found you've already finished. Well done, and good luck for the rest of the comp!

Michelle said...

Congrats on finishing!

Tam said...

Hi Laura! It looks like we're matched up for Sock Madness. How's Wednesday looking for you? haha It's definitely going to be "moderate activity" for me. I won't be sitting here knitting with no distractions but I'll probably be able to take my knitting with me to the (several) places I have to go.

Good luck!