Monday, June 29, 2009

Socks in Progress

I have more socks on the needles than I care to admit to right now. I'm actually down to the wire on 2 pairs for the Wendy Knits Knitalong going on on ravelry. Every month, members of the group can pick from 2 patterns (one from the book and one free voted on by members). You cannot begin before the 1st day of that month and must finish before midnight on the last. I liked both patterns for this month, so of course I started both.
My status on the Lacy Ribs (pattern from the book) right now is slow but steady. I am almost done with the 2nd socks' cuff. I have around 3 inches left and hope to finish them tonight. Here's a photo from earlier in the week:

Not the best, but I hope to make the finished photo a little bit better. The yarn is Yarn Pirate in the Rum Runner colorway. It was a booty club color and I'm really happy to be using it. First, because it looks great, but also because I need to use up some of the stash in a big way.

The second sock is also a stash-buster. The yarn is Zauberball in the Tropical Fish colorway. The pattern is the Sprucy Lucy and is available for free on Wendy's blog. Unfortunately, this sock is at the same place as is pictured below:

Luckily, that is the 2nd sock, so there is some hope of getting that to the heel tonight and finished tomorrow.

In spinning news, I'm attempting to spin an hour every day for the next few weeks that I am off. Right now, I am spinning some Lorna's Laces Wooltop in Envy and hope to get it done and plied tonight. Tomorrow, pictures of hanspun (fingers crossed)


A :-) said...

You're such a fast knitting and spinner - I'm sure you'll get it all done!

What weight are you spinning the wool top?

Terri Lynn said...

Really nice knittin' goin' on here! Lovely to visit you!